Systems Selection and Automation

The accounting and bookkeeping industry is no stranger to technology transformation. There are wonderful opportunities for growth to be found in the automation of systems and processes.

The difficulty is that lots of software does similar things. There’s a skill in selecting the technology that achieves the biggest improvements at the right subscription cost. It’s never a one size fits all. The right choice varies depending on your industry, your goals and must be tailored to your unique business needs.

Viridity guides you through this new technology journey. We reveal those areas of your business that can significantly improve with new technology. We support you to decide where and how to invest in new systems that provide a stronger foundation to operate more efficiently and can manage the implementation from beginning to end including training your team.

Systems Selection & Automation

Benefits of Viridity’s System Selection and Automation Services

Understanding your business

It all begins with identifying the inefficiencies in your business that hold you back from achieving your business goals. From our initial engagement we dive deep to understand how your business complexity supports your goals. From there we can see where to streamline complexity and open the door to more efficient ways to operate.

Pinpointing the right tools

You can leverage Viridity’s wealth of knowledge about automation tools that are used well across all different types of industries. We know each of their pros and cons. We link that to how well the overall experience will contribute to you achieving your business goals.

Empowering you to choose

Any new software is an ongoing investment in subscription fees and time to learn. Sound guidance and clear explanation from Viridity about the better choices you can make will help you invest with confidence in these improvements.

Implementation Guidance

There are some tools that Viridity can apply to your business easily, without much operational change. There are others that may require more time to get the most out of them. Rather than leaving you to do the heavy lifting alone, Viridity guides you and your team with training and ongoing support to improve.