Pricing Information

Central to everything Viridity does are our values, including being Professional and People Centric.

  • The first of these includes being knowledgeable about the services we offer and delivering them to a high standard.
  • The second stresses that everything we do must focus on outcomes for the people we work with – both clients and team members. Only if we deliver value to our clients can we achieve our goals – we take adding value to your business as a prerequisite to everything we do.

For most of the services we offer we will agree with you a fixed fee, either as a one off project quote or as an ongoing monthly fee for service. In either case we will discuss your requirements with you in advance and agree a scope of services, then provide you with a quote. There will usually be no fees payable prior to you accepting the quote (if there are, we’ll tell you up front). 

For details of pricing in relation to the services we offer, refer to the relevant pages. If you have any questions on any of these please contact us – either via the contact form, or call us on 02 8188 9019. We will never charge for an initial enquiry, and it could turn out to be the best call you ever make!

Carbon Pricing

Carbon reporting until recently has been a service offered to the top end of town. That is changing very rapidly – but the pricing of solutions suitable for SMEs is still catching up. A “traditional” carbon emissions report including Scope 3 emissions was typically priced from $10,000, $20,000 or more (sometimes much more). Not easy to fit into the budget for most SMEs!

Viridity has spent the last year doing a thorough in depth review of the solutions available in the SME space, typically these will integrate with Xero, QBO or MYOB (and if they don’t you can still upload data via a csv import).

Viridity is offering bundled solutions based on these apps to include the app subscription, our implementation services, and a carbon emissions report starting from $4,995.

To this we can add appropriate ESG consulting if required, pricing starting from $XXX (this portion still to be confirmed, and if I don’t have an answer this week we can take this paragraph out / add it back in later).

Whatever solution you need, we will discuss the option with you and provide a proposal. Only if you accept this will any fees become payable – as with all out services, there is no charge for an initial phone call! We know the Carbon Reporting space is changing rapidly, we do not expect all small businesses (who let’s face it have lots of other things to deal with) to be across the detail – if you’re not sure of your obligations or of the cost effective solutions available to you, feel free to get in touch.

Management Accounting and Systems Implementation

We have bundled some simple management accounting services into other packages for clients, starting from a few hundred dollars per month. We have also set clients up with new apps to improve the efficiency of their business, again from a few hundred dollars.

At the other extreme we have run projects for clients that were quoted (and delivered) at tens of thousands of dollars. Each project really is unique, so it is not possible to provide a one size fits all price here.

What is absolutely the same every time is our approach:

  • We discuss with the client the problems they are facing and get to understand the requirements of their business. We never charge for an initial call.
  • If the requirements are particularly complex we might set up a “scoping project” with you, which we will quote and if agreed to, charge for. 
  • Arising from those discussions we will be able to ascertain whether there is a solution available that we can offer to you. If there is we will provide a quote.  If there isn’t we will refer you on where we can.
  • If you accept our proposal, we will agree with you a timeline, and get to work to deliver that solution.

If you are concerned that the systems you are running are not ideal for your business, or if there is other information that should be available to you to help you run the business better, please call or complete the contact form. If we can help, we’d love to do so!

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Most of the services Viridity offer are “optional” – unlike your tax return which you are obliged to lodge, there is very little that we offer which you are legally obliged to do, or which you cannot do yourself. So why would you choose to spend your hard earned money retaining us? Because: 

  • You didn’t go into business to be a bookkeeper! You probably fit this in after hours, and deep down know it is not really your area of expertise.
  • You get little to no value from this activity other than being able to record those pesky transactions after the event, and then lodge your BAS.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you also had at your finger tips the information you needed to make good business decisions.
  • Wouldn’t it be even better if you were able to use all the time you currently spend “doing the books” to grow your business (or – if you prefer – to hang out with your kids, go surfing or do whatever it is that you love to do in your spare time).
  • Wouldn’t it be great to not wake up at 3 in the morning worrying about your back office compliance!

We offer outsourced bookkeeping, payroll and management services to meet the needs of businesses from start up to established medium sized organisations.