How to get your systems working harder for you.

If you think cloud based software is just for tracking expenses and generating financial reports, you’re losing out on an opportunity to improve your bottom line. By taking advantage of insights provided by your software solution, you’ll benefit from a more informed approach to marketing and customer service – and by making the most of all the ways your software can improve productivity you can take meaningful action to increase profits.

Understand buyer behaviour

In addition to storing real time financial data, your CRM software system can retain important information about your clients. Insights into your customer buying history and preferred payment methods, for instance, can help you tailor your marketing strategies to each type of client you serve. Use what you know about customers to set up a segmented mailing list.  Reporting capabilities in your systems can show you who your best customers are and your most popular products. Sometimes it’s not the products your ‘gut’ tells you are popular!

By tapping into this key info, you’ll hit your sales targets by promoting & featuring the goods and services that you know your customers really want. The real time data  can also translate to an improved overall experience that will keep your customers coming back. For instance, when a client gets in touch with a question you’ll be able to respond quickly with useful, accurate background info. With more in-depth knowledge of your customers you’ll be able to cross sell and upsell more easily by suggesting additional products that might meet their needs.

Streamline your own processes

If you are still finding yourself frustrated by manual tasks that are taking too much of your time. Stop. Take action. It’s a false economy thinking you don’t have time to work on improving your business. Yes, it will be a short term inconvenience, but you WILL appreciate how much time you save and the insights you gain if you do invest in process improvement. As a start if you’re not using Dext to manage your receipts & expenses, ask us how we can implement it for you. It’s an easy place to start. If you want to generate more reporting to share with your sales team, talk to us about Easy-Insight. If you sell, manufacture or import products talk to us about Locate Inventory or Unleashed. If you need to improve your job costing along side stock control, then ask us how we can onboard you to Work Guru.

Free up time to reach more customers

One of the great things about implementing cloud-based software is how much time you’ll save by automating processes like invoicing, pick pack and ship. You can shave minutes off order processing which will save you hours, days and weeks in the long run.

Think about all the things you’ll be free to do!

  • update your business plans based on real time financial data and enhanced reporting
  • identify the best on and offline marketing strategies for your business and implement them
  • implement loyalty rewards for your return customers that you know will appeal to them – a sure fire way to spread positive word of mouth
  • design and implement growth strategies designed to scale your business
  • make more informed decisions on every aspect of your business to cut costs, improve productivity and boost your profit margin.

How will you boost your bottom line?

If you need to look at improving your business systems and integrating them to your accounting software, we’re here to help. Viridity are experts in technology and cloud based integrations. Get your Xero, QBO or MYOB systems working FOR you. Ask us how.

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