GeoOp is a mobile workforce management system that’s been specially designed to help tradesmen and other mobile businesses streamline their operations and improve efficiency and profitability.  It utilises the GPS technology that’s already built in to your team members’ smartphones to:

  • Schedule and re-schedule appointments quickly and easily
  • Allocate them to the nearest or next available team member
  • Monitor job progress and workflow from the office
  • Create detailed job notes, including photographs
  • Collect client signatures on smartphones or iPads, drastically cutting back on paperwork
  • Manage the parts needed for a particular job
  • Set-up invoices on the run and automatically transmit them to the office with no data re-entry required (they’re fully integrated with Xero too!)

Most importantly, as a business owner, GeoOp will help you save time and make money.

We have list a few of the features of GeoOp below, but you can also see a summary of how this works in this video.

A truly impressive system!  Please get in touch with us if you’d like us to help you implement them in your business too.  Here are a few of the benefits users get from implementing this solution.

FEWER ERRORS: With real time information at their fingertips, team members arrive at jobs with all the tools and parts they need. Research by GeoOp has shown that errors due to incorrect parts, materials or information decline by an average of 83 per cent when businesses use GeoOp. That’s a massive increase in productivity, and in many businesses would more than justify GeoOp’s minimal cost.

MORE BILLABLE HOURS: Make the best use of your team’s time based on each individual’s locations and existing commitments. Reduced downtime and minimal paperwork frees your team up to work more billable hours per day. Quite simply, you get more profit without increasing your wages bill – and your staff members become more accountable too.

IMPROVED INVOICING AND FASTER PAYMENTS: On the road invoicing (via Xero integration) means you get paid faster, and reducing your reliance on manual paperwork means there’ll be fewer invoicing errors.

BETTER INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Parts lists can be integrated from Xero giving your team access to them from their vehicles. For an even more powerful solution, consider treating each of your vans as a mobile warehouse and managing all the stock via Unleashed.

CUT COSTS: More efficient route management reduces fuel costs and decreases wear and tear on your vehicles.

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