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New features on Xero software

Rhys Roberts, Saturday, February 05, 2011

I am sitting writing this at Auckland airport waiting for my flight back to Sydney, feeling pretty zonked after a few full on days, but also very excited about all the great new features that will be released in Xero over the coming weeks and months.  In this blog post I'll discuss a few of my favourites.

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Reporting with Xero

Rhys Roberts, Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One of the great features of Xero is its reporting functions. You can do profit and loss (P&L), balance sheets, aged receivables and loads more reports "out of the box".  You can run reports against budget, or compared to last year, or you can run reports analysed into tracking codes, which you can set up any way that makes sense in your business. You can set these reports so they make sense to you, but at the same time "map" them so they reduce the cost of preparing your tax return to next to nothing (because all the data just feeds straight into the reports your tax accountant needs). Read more